Alyson Taylor Harris

Graphic Designer // Illustrator

Creative Mornings Event Design

I designed a poster for the Creative Mornings website. We were told to chose a word that ties in to creativity. I chose the word Viable. The definition is "“having the ability to grow, expand, develop, etc.” Creativity is always expanding. No individual that has a creative mind will ever stop expanding and developing their skills. They are always growing in their work. After we created our poster, we handed off our assets for a partner to create some web deliverables

All web deliverables created by Dimitri Kelly

608 Nutrition Rebrand

608 Nutrition is a small business located in Portage, WI. They strive to serve healthy meal replacement shakes and energy teas to help you make it throughout the day without crashing. This project consisted of rebranding their whole look. I took their simple logo and put a more exciting spin on it and gave their whole campaign a little face lift.

Sharpie Ad Series

This project was a photography based ad series. We had to compose and shoot our own photos for this project. We worked on layouts and color choices. I created the card assets myself for this ad series.

Round 1 Ads


Photo Setup

Coffee Packaging Design

I created my own logo for my own coffee brand and create packaging for it. I really wanted to showcase my illustration in these packaging designs. Originally I just designed one of theses packages and then expanded on them because I felt decaf and espresso packaging would fit in very well.

About Alyson

My 4 loves are coffee, cats, illustration, and designing and that about sums me up. I had a hard time trying to pick a career that I wanted to go into where I wouldn't get bored right away. I went through college once and graduated in 2018 from UW Baraboo Sauk County with my general credits and I still did not know where I wanted to end up. I had known about graphic design but didn't know what kind of work came out of it. I finally decided to apply to MATC for the Graphic Design Program and absolutely fell in love with designing. I now know that I will never get bored because there are unlimited possibilities for me.

Fairshare CSA Coalition App Design & Ad Campaign

For this project we were given a company to design a brand new app for. Grow it Yourself is and app designed for a CSA to help people who want to start growing their own produce. It gives you tips and tricks on how to start your own garden right at home.

Funko Brand Brochure

For this project we were told to pick a brand and create a new feeling for a brochure for them. I took the word "Pop" literally and went with a pop culture vibe for this piece.

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New Glarus Typographic Ad Series

For these ads I focused mainly on the typography. I wanted to create something that felt completely different than what I normally would create.

Creative Morning Event Design

Nona's Tailoring Website Design

This is a redesign for a tailor in my home town. Her original website was created in 2008 and I thought it needed a revamp. I decided to go with a vintage style to showcase that she has been in our town for many years.